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Likes are now private on X (formerly Twitter) 🔐

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Elon Musk announced it a few weeks ago, and it’s now a reality: « Likes » are now private on X (formerly Twitter).

You will no longer be able to see other users’ « Likes ». 💔

X (formerly Twitter) has just adopted a major change for the platform. On X, a « Like » tab has been added to the profile page of every user on the platform. Until now, via this tab, it was possible for any user to see what content another had liked on the platform. From today, this will no longer be the case.

The platform has announced changes to the « Like » system on its platform.

  • From now on, « likes » will be private for everyone.
  • You’ll still be able to see posts you’ve liked (but not those of others).
  • The number of « likes » and other indicators for your own posts will continue to appear in notifications.
  • You will no longer see who has liked someone else’s post.
  • The author of a post can see who has liked his or her posts.

A privacy measure according to Elon Musk🔐

Since taking control of Twitter, which has now become X, Elon Musk has been making constant changes. These changes are not designed to meet the needs of users, but rather to satisfy his own desires. While this change is justified as a measure to protect users’ privacy, some don’t see it the same way.

Indeed, the idea of making « Likes » private has been around ever since some users exposed the billionaire’s rather tendentious ones. Many also accuse the billionaire of trying to hide his political activity, which is much criticized on X.

While it’s true that this measure will protect users’ privacy, it will above all enable the platform owner to protect his own.


Do you use Twitter (nobody calls this platform X 😂)? If so, what do you think of this new policy? Tell us in the comments.


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