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Saving your WhatsApp data will soon be expensive 😥

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If you use WhatsApp on an Android smartphone, you’re probably used to backing up your data to Google Drive. However, changes in Google’s policy will disrupt this routine.

From now on, you’ll have to pay to continue backing up your data🤑

On Android, chats are saved on Google Drive. Until now, the space taken up by backups was not deducted from your Google account. So if you only have the free 15GB space offered by Google, no matter how big your backup, you’ll always have your 15GB available.

However, Google has decided to change this policy, announcing that backups will now be deducted from your Google Drive space.

As an important heads up, WhatsApp backups on Android will soon start counting toward your Google Account cloud storage limit, similar to how WhatsApp backups are handled on other mobile platforms. This change will first start rolling out to WhatsApp Beta users starting in December 2023, then gradually to all WhatsApp users on Android starting early next year.

Once this new policy is in place, it will be important to monitor your data consumption. WhatsApp backups will remain active as long as there is space in your Google account. If you reach your storage limit, you’ll need to free up space by deleting superfluous items in order to resume backups.

This new data policy will come into effect shortly, starting with beta users in December 2023. For others, unlimited space will remain available until January 2024, offering a period to reorganize files.

How big are your current WhatsApp backups? What do you think of Google’s new policy? Tell us in comments?

Source : Google

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