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WhatsApp enhances its group audio calls with a new feature 📲

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Group audio calls on WhatsApp are extremely convenient, but when you’re part of a large group, receiving a call you don’t necessarily want to take part in can be distracting. To remedy this situation, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature: voice chats.

Improving communication within large groups 📞

This new feature, which has been tested over the past few weeks, initially appeared to be little different from existing group voice calls. However, the official launch of this feature clarifies its usefulness.

Currently, group calls are open to all types of group, but with certain limitations. Whatever the size of the group, the number of participants in the call cannot exceed 32. What’s more, whether you’re interested in the call or not, your device will ring to signal the incoming call. With voice chat, the experience is different.

Voice chats are only available for groups of between 33 and 128 people. What’s more, when a voice chat is launched, group members won’t be disturbed by unwanted ring tones. Instead, a notification will invite them to join the call. Another interesting enhancement is that during a voice chat, call commands will be accessible at the top of the chat, without hindering participants’ ability to send text messages.

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How to start a voice chat 🤔

To initiate a voice conversation :

  1. Open the group discussion from which you want to start a voice conversation.
  2. Click on the icon  in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select « Start a voice conversation ».

Once the voice chat has been launched, group members will receive a notification inviting them to take part, replacing the traditional call. Participants can be identified by a banner displayed at the bottom of the screen. To leave a voice chat, simply press .

This feature is currently only available on your main device. In addition, non-participating group members can access participants’ profiles from the chat header and « Calls » tab. Voice chats close automatically when all participants leave the conversation, or if no one joins the chat within 60 minutes of the first or last person being present.

What do you think of this new feature?

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