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Polls, voice notes, admins: here’s what’s new in WhatsApp channels ✨

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WhatsApp Channels are the application’s latest major feature. You can subscribe to the TechGriot channel by clicking here. Since their introduction, WhatsApp has continued to improve their practicality.

Polls and voice notes now available 🗳️

After being beta-tested a few weeks ago, polls are now officially available. Administrators can now solicit their subscribers’ opinions in a more interactive way than just reacting to posts. People viewing or following a channel can only see the number of participants who voted for each option. Administrators have access to limited profile information linked to your vote:

  • Depending on your privacy settings, administrators may display your profile photo next to your vote in a poll.
  • If you are one of an administrator’s contacts, that person will be able to see the name under which he or she has registered you next to your vote.

Voice notes also make their appearance in WhatsApp Channels. The principle remains the same as for classic voice notes, so don’t be surprised if you find them in a channel.

Assign channel administrators🗝️

Until now, only the creators of a channel could be its administrators. With the growing success of channels, it was inevitable that administrative rights would be extended. Channel owners can now invite new administrators from among their contacts or subscribers.

A few points to note for chain owners :

  • Guest admins can see your phone number. When you invite them to become channel admins, the invitation is sent from your personal WhatsApp account, not the channel’s.
  • All admins can share news or manage channel information. Once the invitation has been accepted, the administrator can manage information and create, modify and delete news items. However, deletion of the channel is reserved for the owner.
  • All admins must enable two-step verification. As a channel owner, encourage them to activate this function to reinforce security.
  • Administrators cannot invite new administrators or revoke the administration rights of other members. In addition, the owner can consult the list of invited guests and current administrators in the « Channel info » section at the top of the subscriber list.

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