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Find your WhatsApp messages more easily with filters 🔖

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Last month, a beta version of WhatsApp announced the arrival of a new feature: filters. It seems that the tests were conclusive, as deployment has now begun.

Three filters to quickly find your discussions 🔖

When you update your WhatsApp application, you’ll discover three new « buttons » at the top of your chat list: All, Unread and Groups. These are filters that make it easy to find the messages you’re looking for.

You can select them with a single click:

  • All : the default view, showing all your discussions.
  • Unread : useful for identifying conversations you’d like to come back to or reply to. This filter shows messages marked as unread and those you haven’t opened.
  • Groups : Find all your groups in one place and easily access your favorite discussions.

WhatsApp explains that it has developed the filters to help users organize their messages, speed up the search for crucial conversations and make message navigation more efficient.

What do you think of these new filters? Will they improve navigation? Tell us in the comments.


Source: WhatsApp

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