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Video statuses on WhatsApp are now longer 🎥

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Are you used to posting statuses on WhatsApp, but were frustrated by the maximum duration? Good news, that limit has been extended.

Video statuses of up to 1 minute🥳

Statuses on WhatsApp had been introduced in response to Snapchat’s stories. Statuses, which have evolved with each update, can be posted in 4 formats: text, image, video and, more recently, audio.

The ephemeral nature of statuses, which are automatically deleted 24 hours after publication, quickly won over users. Many use them to share moments from their lives, as well as viral content. But it doesn’t stop there. Many users, both individuals and businesses, use it to promote their products and services.

But not everything is perfect with statuses. Many users are frustrated by the 30-second limit on video content. In particular, this limit forces users to trim their videos before posting them. WhatsApp is aware of this and has decided to increase the limit. Yes, you read that right. The maximum length of videos on statuses has officially been increased to 60 seconds or 1 minute, i.e. double the previous limit.

This is good news for all those who like to share videos in status, but also for those who promote on WhatsApp.

Do you often post videos in status? If so, what do you think of this new feature?

Source : WhatsApp

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