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Massive password leak discovered 🔓

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An alarming discovery has been made in the field of cybersecurity. A file named « rockyou2024.txt » containing nearly 10 billion unique passwords has been identified by computer security experts.

A Historic Compilation 😰

The discovery, announced by Cybernews on July 4, reveals that « rockyou2024.txt » contains exactly 9,948,575,739 unique passwords in plain text. This compilation is the largest ever discovered in the history of data breaches. According to researchers, it is a compilation of real passwords used by individuals worldwide. Revealing so many passwords to malicious actors significantly increases the risk of brute force attacks.

The passwords contained in the file come from more than 4,000 compromised databases. Some date back over twenty years. In comparison, the previous « RockYou2021 » file contained 8.4 billion passwords. In three years, the number of passwords has increased by 1.5 billion, a 15% rise.

Hackers can use this file to conduct brute force attacks. This technique involves testing each password until finding the correct combination to unlock an account. Through automation, a hacker can test millions of passwords in record time. Although protective measures exist, such as limiting the number of attempts and activating timers after several unsuccessful tries, unprotected systems remain vulnerable to these attacks.

How to Protect Yourself from the Threat? 🔐

Users are not entirely helpless against this threat. It’s possible to check if your information has been compromised. To do this, simply use services like HaveIBeenPwned or Cybernews‘ tool. These databases allow you to know if passwords or other personal data have been leaked online.

In case of a leak, you must absolutely change your passwords. And never use the same password on two different platforms. Indeed, in case of a leak on one platform, you would then compromise your data present on another platform. To make it easier, you can use password managers. These are digital vaults to generate and save all your passwords. You then only have one password to remember to access all your other passwords. And thanks to the applications and browser extensions they offer, your passwords are easily accessible.

It’s also recommended to adopt enhanced security measures. This can include two-factor authentication or the use of passkeys for compatible services.


With our lives and personal data increasingly present online, it’s crucial to secure our passwords. It’s also necessary to remain vigilant against online threats. By taking preventive measures and using verification tools, you can protect your personal information against malicious attacks.



Sources : Cybernews

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