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Lenovo imagines smartphones and laptops with rollable screens💻📱

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MWC is the place for all fantasies and concepts. This year Lenovo unveiled not one, but two products with rollable screens: a smartphone and a laptop.

MWC, Kesako ? 🤔

The MWC is the largest cell phone exhibition and is held every year in Barcelona, Spain, for one week. It is usually the occasion for different manufacturers to present their new smartphones. But during the MWC, we often have pleasant surprises with the presentation of concepts that give us a glimpse of the future. And this year 2023 is no exception.

A smartphone that unrolls according to usage📱

The concept of a rollable screen smartphone is not new. With folding screens becoming more and more popular, manufacturers are already looking forward to the next innovation.

As with some folding smartphones, the idea with this Lenovo rollable smartphone is to offer a compact format, which can be extended as needed. The smartphone comes with a 5-inch display in 15:9 aspect ratio, which thanks to a double press of the power button unrolls to offer a 6.5-inch screen in 21:9. Contrary to other manufacturers who hide entirely the part of the screen not used, Lenovo had the brilliant idea to leave a small visible part at the back. This one displays the information of the Always On Display.

Lenovo didn’t stop there and offers smart solutions to make the most of the smartphone. For example, if you start a YouTube video while holding the smartphone vertically, then simply rotate it horizontally so that the smartphone understands that you want to watch the video in widescreen. It then activates the screen extension.

If the transition is done smoothly and seamlessly thanks to a motorized system, we can not help but wonder if it will not quickly get damaged over time, especially the upper part of the smartphone, which is thin once unrolled. In addition, journalists who have been able to take it in hand reveal that the mechanism generates a lot of noise.

Source : The Verge

For now, the smartphone is still in the concept stage. If it ever comes to market, we have no doubt that Lenovo will think about correcting these defects.

The size of two screens for the price of one 💻

Lenovo didn’t just think of smartphones for its rollable screen technology. As a leader in the laptop market, it’s only natural that the Chinese company, already a pioneer in convertible computers with its Yoga range, is always looking for innovation.

This concept offers a PC that is not out of the ordinary at first glance, with a 12.7-inch screen in 4:3 format with a definition of 2024 x 1604 pixels. But the magic lies under its keyboard. Indeed, it hides the screen extension, which once unrolled offers a display of 15.3 inches in 8:9 format with a definition of 2024 x 2368 pixels. We are then entitled to 2 superimposed screens of 16:9. It becomes easier to consult long documents or to browse the web with less scrolling.

Source : The Verge

But just like the smartphone, one can’t help but wonder about the sturdiness of the computer, once the screen is unrolled.

Like the smartphone, it is a prototype. All we can do now is wait for Lenovo to refine its concept. But what do you think of this first preview? Tell us in comments.

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