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Rabbit r1, the AI assistant you can take anywhere 🐰

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Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword for almost a year now. Brought into the spotlight with the launch of ChatGPT, it continues to attract new players. The latest is a young startup that has presented a rather singular device.

Rabbit r1, your pocket companion🐰

It was through a 25-minute presentation that the world discovered the new artificial intelligence-powered gadget, the r1. Created by Santa Monica-based startup Rabbit, the r1 is a simple, user-friendly gadget. With its small size, half the size of a smartphone, it is practical and easy to take anywhere.

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But what’s it for? The Rabbit r1 is presented as a kind of portable voice assistant. Like Google Assistant or Alexa, it can manage your music, order a car, make purchases and send messages. To do this, it has a button to activate the assistant. Able to connect to the internet, and thanks to artificial intelligence, it can provide more elaborate answers than traditional assistants. But it doesn’t stop there. It incorporates a camera that enables it to « see » its environment, so that it can better respond to the user’s requests. So, with a photo of the food in your fridge, it can provide you with a recipe.

A replacement for the smartphone? 🤔

The above description is reminiscent of the ChatGPT application, available on any smartphone. However, during his presentation, Rabbit introduced what he calls the LAM, Large Action Model.

Today, AIs like ChatGPT are trained using LLMs (Large Language Models). These learning models are capable of understanding and generating texts in human language. LAMs, on the other hand, understand and execute human intentions on machines. Thanks to this, r1 also offers a special training feature. You have the option of instructing the device on a given task, and it is expected to be able to perform it autonomously afterwards. During the presentation, a Midjourney training demo was shown. The principle can be applied to any application or website. This is one of the features that Rabbit has highlighted for its new product.

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Still, is it enough to replace a smartphone? Probably not. Unlike the creators of the AI Pin, which you can discover by clicking here, those behind Rabbit have no such ambition. As their tagline suggests, it’s simply a « pocket companion », priced at $199. Stupid idea or stroke of genius ? All that remains is to wait for feedback from the first users. But the idea seems to be catching on, with over 10,000 pre-orders placed in 24 hours.

What do you think of this idea? And AIs in general? Tell us in the comments section.

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