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Samsung Galaxy AI: Free until 2025, paid afterwards ? 🤑

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Samsung recently clarified its position regarding the future of Galaxy AI, its suite of artificial intelligence tools integrated into its high-end smartphones. In an announcement that raises questions about the evolution of AI services on mobile, the Korean giant confirmed that Galaxy AI will remain free for all users of compatible devices until the end of 2025.

Galaxy AI free until the end of 2025 ⏳

Launched earlier this year with the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy AI quickly won over users. This suite of tools offers innovative features such as Circle to Search and Live Translation. These tools were later deployed on older models, as well as the Z Fold and Z Flip ranges. You can discover Galaxy AI in more detail by clicking here.

However, the future of these services after 2025 remains uncertain. Samsung has not yet specified its strategy, but speculation suggests the introduction of a paid model, potentially called « Galaxy AI+ ». This approach would align with current market trends. Indeed, giants like Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft already offer premium versions of their AI services.

Towards monetization of AI on smartphones ?🤑

Samsung’s decision raises important questions about the monetization of AI on smartphones. As a manufacturer, Samsung distinguishes itself by integrating these features directly into its OneUI interface, included in the price of its devices. This approach could pave the way for a new market. Other manufacturers like Google, Apple, or Oppo could then be encouraged to follow suit.

It remains to be determined which features could become paid. Samsung could opt for a hybrid strategy, keeping certain basic functions free. As for more advanced or cloud-resource-intensive features, they could be reserved for a premium subscription.

In the meantime, Samsung is focusing on promoting Galaxy AI. The company plans to open ephemeral experience spaces in several major world cities, including Paris. The public could thus discover and experiment with these new technologies in an interactive way.

While 2026 may seem distant, this announcement marks a potential turning point in the mobile industry. As AI plays an increasingly central role, users and market observers will closely follow the evolution of this strategy. Its impact on the Samsung ecosystem and the industry as a whole will be particularly scrutinized.

Do you use a Samsung Galaxy? If so, do you often use Galaxy AI? And if you don’t use a Samsung Galaxy on a daily basis, do you use AI tools daily? If so, what do you think of the emerging trend? Come and discuss it in the comments.



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