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Good evening to all tech enthusiasts!

This week, dive into the latest digital world innovations with #TechFriday. On the agenda: the future of mobile AI at Samsung, an Android alternative to AirTags, a major security alert, an innovation in payments on Telegram, and a practical improvement for WhatsApp.

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Samsung Galaxy AI: Free until 2025, paid afterwards ? 🤑

Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy AI, its suite of AI tools for smartphones, will remain free until the end of 2025. Beyond that, a paid version could be introduced. This decision raises questions about the future of mobile AI and could influence the industry, encouraging other manufacturers to adopt similar models. Click here for full article

Motorola launches Moto Tag: an alternative to Apple’s AirTags for Android 🔍
Motorola launches the Moto Tag, a Bluetooth tracker for Android using Google’s « Find My Device » network and ultra-wideband technology for precise location. Compatible with a range of smartphones, it offers advanced functionality and enhanced security for easy retrieval of lost items. Click here for full article
Massive password leak discovered 🔓

A file containing almost 10 billion stolen passwords, named « rockyou2024.txt », has been discovered. Collected over twenty years, these passwords could be used for brute force attacks. Experts advise users to check whether their data has been compromised, and to strengthen their online security. Click here for full article

Telegram gets a new payment system: Telegram stars ⭐

Telegram innovates with Telegram Stars, a payment system for digital goods and services via bots and mini-apps. This virtual currency, in line with Apple and Google policies, also enables creators to monetize their content. A revolution that opens up new opportunities for Telegram’s 900 million users. Click here for full article

Planning events just got easier on WhatsApp 📆
WhatsApp extends its event creation functionality to all groups, allowing users to easily organize physical or virtual meetings. Members can indicate their participation and receive automatic reminders. Creating and editing events is simple, with options for adding details and call links. Click here for full article

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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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