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Telegram gets a new payment system: Telegram stars ⭐

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Telegram, the instant messaging platform favored by over 900 million users, is taking a new step in its evolution. With more than 400 million users interacting monthly with bots and mini-apps, Telegram is launching a revolutionary payment system today: Telegram Stars.

Pay for your services with Telegram stars 🌟

This new feature now allows bots and mini-apps to sell digital goods and services, in addition to the physical products already available. Telegram Stars can be acquired through in-app purchases on Apple and Google platforms or via @PremiumBot. They offer users the ability to purchase a variety of digital products, ranging from e-books to online courses, and items in Telegram games.

Source : Telegram

This innovative system complies with the latest Apple and Google policies regarding the sale of digital products. It thus opens up new perspectives for developers in the Telegram ecosystem.

Monetizing publications 🤑

The introduction of Telegram Stars is not limited to bot-user transactions. Content creators can now monetize their publications on Telegram channels. They can offer paid photos and videos, unlockable only after payment. This feature gives creators the opportunity to use them to promote their channel, all without any commission from Telegram. They can also convert their earnings into Toncoin cryptocurrency.

Source : Telegram

With this update, Telegram consolidates its position as a versatile platform, combining communication, commerce, and content creation. By simplifying payments for digital goods and services, Telegram paves the way for new business opportunities for companies and content creators.


Do you regularly use Telegram? If so, what do you think of this new platform feature? Let us know in the comments.



Source : Telegram

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