Artificial intelligence at the heart of your Samsung smartphone with Galaxy AI ✨

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It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence is increasingly making its way into our everyday devices. As the market leader in smartphones, it was only a matter of time before Samsung joined the AI dance. At its Galaxy Unpacked conference opening the year, Samsung presented its new AI, integrated into the very heart of its new Galaxy S24: Galaxy AI.

Galaxy AI breaks the language barrier ㊗️

With Galaxy AI, Samsung wants to help you better communicate. With Galaxy AI, translation becomes even more intuitive on your Galaxy smartphone. When calling someone who doesn’t speak your language, real-time translation will be available. For example, if you’re speaking in English and your caller speaks Spanish, your Galaxy S24 will translate and then generate an audio file with your translated words into spanish, and vice versa, all in real time. Magical, isn’t it?

Translation will also be available for face-to-face conversations. Samsung hasn’t forgotten about messages. A translation will be available below messages that are not in your language. And you’ll be able to easily translate your messages into the language of the sender. Translation is provided by Google’s Gemini LLM (click here to find out what an LLM is), available directly within your Galaxy.

Be more productive with Artificial Intelligence 🗂️

To enhance your productivity, Galaxy AI integrates with various smartphone applications. For example, the voice recorder can now transcribe conversations and differentiate between callers. Thanks to Note Assist, the Notes application can better recognize handwriting, organize notes and summarize them. Finally, in partnership with Google, it will be possible to easily search from any application on your phone. Called « Circle to Search », this new feature lets you circle any content on the screen and then launch a search without leaving the application.

Become the king of photo editing🖌️

After Google, it’s Samsung’s turn to turn you into a photo editing pro. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to edit your photos quickly and easily. For example, you can remove reflections from objects or people, move them around, reorient your photos and let AI fill in the gaps. Once a photo has been edited, a watermark is added to it, along with metadata indicating that the photo has been retouched by AI.

Galaxy AI will initially be available on the brand-new Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, which you can discover by clicking here; but also on the supercharged Galaxy S24 Ultra, which you can discover by clicking here.

What do you think of these new Galaxy smartphone features? Tell us in the comments section.

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