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Apple’s new Siri: a two-stage revolution 🎙️

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Apple is preparing a major update for Siri, its voice assistant, as part of the Apple Intelligence launch. However, this transition won’t happen overnight. Siri’s most advanced features will be available in two stages, culminating in spring 2025.

First improvements coming fall 2024 👀

Starting this fall, iPhone 16 users will discover Siri’s first improvements. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Siri will feature a new design, including a rainbow glow on the screen’s edge, and ChatGPT integration. This integration will allow Siri to offer more natural and precise responses, rivaling assistants on Pixel smartphones equipped with Google Gemini.

Additionally, Siri will better understand language errors and request context, making its use more fluid and intuitive. These basic features will be deployed locally on devices, but some more complex tasks may require a connection to Apple’s servers, a choice left to the user.

Advanced capabilities expected for spring 2025 🚀

Siri’s most advanced features, integrated with Apple Intelligence, will appear in spring 2025 with the iOS 18.4 update. These features will include recognition of on-screen content and deeper contextual understanding based on user messages and usage. Siri will also be able to perform specific actions in Apple apps, such as editing a photo and sending it to a friend, simply upon request.

This update will also extend Siri’s capabilities to newer Apple devices, like the iPhone 15 Pro and beyond, and will be available in beta version for developers starting January 2025. However, European users will have to wait longer due to regulatory restrictions related to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), and new features will initially only be available in American English.


With these improvements, Siri will truly emerge from the shadow of its competitors, promising an enriched and more natural user experience. The road is still long, but the beginnings of this revolution are already underway.


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Source : Bloomberg

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