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Telegram improves the way you reply to messages 📨

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Telegram has always been a pioneer when it comes to experiences within messaging apps. The new update continues in this direction, introducing new ways to follow discussions.

You can now reply to part of a message 😯

The « Reply » function to a message is already very handy for specifying which message you want to reply to amidst a multitude of messages. Telegram takes it a step further by introducing a new feature, « quote ». With this new option, you can reply to a specific part of a message rather than the whole message. By clicking on the quote, the user is automatically redirected to the precise passage of the original message, accompanied by a fluid animation.

To quote a message, simply tap on it (on iOS, press and hold), then slide your finger over the text to select it. Finally, choose the ‘Quote’ option.

From now on, replies can also be sent to other exchanges, which is handy if you prefer to reply privately or extend the discussion to another group or channel. When you press reply, the message opens in the original exchange, provided you have authorization to access it. To reply in another exchange, press the reply bar above the input field. Then select ‘Reply in another exchange’, and choose where you want the reply to be sent.

As well as being able to quote messages directly, you can also apply quote formatting to any text. This means you can include several quotations in a single reply.

Enhanced link overview and message forwarding

Telegram’s update offers greater control over link previews in your messages. You can now adjust the media size and choose which link to preview if there is more than one. What’s more, you have the freedom to decide whether the preview should appear above or below your message.

Whether you choose to reply by forwarding messages, embedding links in your reply, or a combination of both, you now have access to all the parameters thanks to the new tabs available in the menu.

Self-destruct messages get a new name

The media self-destruct feature isn’t new to Telegram, but it gets an aesthetic update and a new name: Single View.

In any private exchange, simply press the 1️⃣ « single view » icon in the media editor to define the length of time your photo or video will be visible, up to 30 seconds after it has been opened. Once this time has elapsed, the media is permanently deleted from the exchange. Recording and screenshots are also blocked for media that can only be viewed once.

What do you think of these new features? Do you think they will improve your Telegram experience? Discuss them with us in the comments section.

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