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WhatsApp strengthens group security with new feature 🪪

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WhatsApp, Meta’s popular messaging app, is rolling out a new feature to help users identify and avoid suspicious groups. In response to the rise of scams and spam via group chats, this initiative aims to enhance user security and peace of mind.

An ID card for each group 🪪

When a user is added to a WhatsApp group by an unknown person, a « context card » will now appear. This card will provide key information such as:

  • The group creator
  • The group creation date
  • The group description
  • The identity of the person who added the user, with an indication if they are in the user’s contacts.

Source: WhatsApp

This feature is inspired by the one already in place for individual messages. It aims to help users more easily distinguish legitimate groups from potentially dangerous ones.

A quick way to leave unwanted groups 🏃🏾‍♂️

In addition to this information, the context card will include a button to quickly leave the group. A link to security tools and additional information on protective measures offered by WhatsApp will also be available. This option is particularly useful for users added without their consent to unwanted or fraudulent groups. These can include romance scams, fake financial investments, or phishing attempts.

Gradual Deployment 🚂

Meta indicates that this new feature is currently being rolled out globally. It will be available to all users « in the coming weeks ». It adds to existing security features such as control over who can add you to groups. We can also mention the silent mode for unknown calls.

This improvement should allow users to better manage their WhatsApp experience, giving them more control over the groups they choose to participate in. It is part of Meta’s broader approach to strengthen security and privacy on its messaging platform.

Do you regularly use WhatsApp? Have you ever been added to groups without your consent? If so, what do you think of this new feature?


Source : The Verge

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