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WhatsApp improves the security of locked chats with a code 🔐

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Last May, WhatsApp introduced a new feature: locked chats (to find out more, click here). With the new application update, the security of this feature has been improved.

A secret code for your locked chats 🔐

Until now, to access locked messages, you had to click on the « Locked chats » section in the chat list. You then had to use your fingerprint or face to unlock this folder. The new update changes this behavior.

Firstly, it is now possible to hide the locked chats folder. If someone ever accesses your phone, they’ll have no way of knowing that you have locked chats. Secondly, this folder can now be locked by a password, different from the one on your phone. And to make the operation more fun, it’s possible to choose a password composed solely of emojis like « 😯😯 ».

Finally, to make this folder appear, you must enter this secret code in the search bar. The « Locked chats » folder will only appear if the password is entered in the search bar.

In addition to improving security, WhatsApp also makes it easier to lock a conversation. You no longer need to go through a chat’s settings to lock it. Simply long-press on the chat. On Android, this is done via the « 3 dots » menu in the top right-hand corner. On iOS, the option is present in the menu displayed.

Please note that locked chats can still be accessed without locking on other connected devices, such as WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for Windows/macOS.

Deployment of this new feature has already begun and should continue over the coming months.

What do you think of this new feature? Tell us in the comments section.

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