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Telegram improves saved messages and introduces one-time audio and video messages 🤩

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In recent months, Telegram has significantly evolved its app, introducing several new features, two of which are particularly inspired by its competitor WhatsApp.

New look for saved messages 🗂️

Although the saved messages feature is not new to Telegram, the latest update has brought significant improvements in their management. It is now possible to view saved messages by exchange. In addition, a WhatsApp-inspired novelty has appeared: a « Saved » tab in profiles. This gives access to messages saved within a specific exchange.

Premium users benefit from even more powerful message saving functionality. They can now add multiple tags to saved messages, making them easier to filter in searches. These tags, based on emojis, can be added as simply as a reaction, and they can also be named.

One-time voice and video messages now available on Telegram 👻

Saved message management is not the only feature borrowed from WhatsApp. view-once voice messages also make their appearance on Telegram. As with WhatsApp, these messages can only be listened to once before being automatically deleted. And unlike WhatsApp, they leave no trace and disappear with an elegant animation. The view-once function is also available for video messages.

To record a view-once message, simply hold down the button, slide up to lock the recording, then click on the view-once view icon before sending the message.

But that’s not all. It is now possible to pause and resume the recording of an audio or video message. This comes in handy for pausing while sending a single message. To pause, slide up to lock, then press the pause button ⏸️. To resume recording, simply press the microphone or camera icon again.

Do you use Telegram? If so, what do you think of these new features? Tell us in the comments.

Source : Telegram

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