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Telegram: take control of your privacy with these advanced features 🔐

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Telegram recently rolled out three new privacy-focused features. Let’s take a closer look.

Reading time in private discussions ⌚

Did you know that you can now see the exact time your private messages were read? This feature allows you to keep better track of your conversations and find out when your contacts have read your messages.

Telegram also lets you manage the visibility of your reading time. You can choose to hide it from certain contacts if you don’t want them to know when you’ve read their messages.

Finally, reading times are automatically deleted after 7 days to guarantee the confidentiality of your communications.

Online presence and one-way reading 👀

In addition to the reading time, you can also control the visibility of your online presence. This option allows you to hide your « Online » status from certain contacts, if you wish to preserve your peace of mind.

With Telegram Premium, you can enjoy an even more advanced feature: one-way reading. This option lets you hide your online presence and reading times from certain contacts, while continuing to see theirs if they allow you to do so.

Controlling private messages 🔐

If you’re a premium user, Telegram also lets you choose who can send you private messages. You can opt for « Everyone », « My contacts » or « My contacts and premium users ». This last option allows you to limit private messages to people you know or to users who have subscribed to Telegram Premium.

If you receive an unwanted message from a user, you can easily block it and report the abuse to the moderators.

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