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WhatsApp on Android gets a new look ✨

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After several months of beta testing, WhatsApp has finally made its new Android interface official. The pinning feature has also been updated.

A new, more sober interface ✨

For years, WhatsApp on Android has featured an interface with a navigation bar at the top of the screen. It also features WhatsApp’s iconic green color. On the iOS side, however, the design is totally different. It’s more sober and all white, with a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. With an important update, WhatsApp will unify the design of its application on both operating systems.

As you can see from the images above, WhatsApp’s navigation bar on Android will move to the bottom of the screen. It features 4 tabs: Discussions, Actus, Communities and Calls. It is similar to the one on iOS. Overall, the new design evolves towards the sobriety found on iOS.

This new navigation bar will require some adaptation on the part of users, but should be more practical for everyday use. As our smartphones get bigger and bigger, it’s easier to reach items at the bottom of the screen.

You can now pin up to 3 messages in discussions 📌

In addition to the new design, WhatsApp has discreetly improved a feature introduced at the end of last year: the ability to pin messages. Unlike favorite messages, which are only visible to you and saved until you don’t want them anymore, pinned messages are visible to all members of a private or group discussion. They are also permanently displayed and may have an expiry date.

Initially, it was possible to pin only one message, but WhatsApp has raised this limit to three messages per conversation. So don’t forget to update your application.

For more details on this feature, you can read our previous post on the subject by clicking here.


What do you think of WhatsApp’s new Android design? And pinned messages? Tell us in comments.

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