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New features on Telegram: Personalization, Recommendations and More 🤩

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Telegram is rolling out a series of new features to improve the user experience and offer more personalization possibilities.

Your profile tells more about you 😎

Telegram gives users more control over their presence on the platform by introducing a redesigned « My Profile » section and enriched features.

  • View your profile as it appears to others: Easily view and edit your profile information, including your photo, bio and links.
  • Showcase your achievements: Pin up to 3 stories to the top of your profile page to highlight them and make them more visible to your contacts.
  • Manage the privacy of your stories: Small icons indicate the privacy settings of your stories, allowing you to easily adjust them according to your preferences.
  • Celebrate birthdays: Add your birthday to receive confetti and animated balloons on the big day. Your contacts will also be notified and can send you birthday messages or a Telegram Premium subscription via a dedicated banner.
  • Showcase your channels: Channel owners can now add them to their profile page, displaying a preview and a direct link to their project or community.
  • Link your collectible usernames: Link your unique usernames to your Telegram account or channels for greater visibility and recognition.
  • Find out more about collectibles: By tapping on an anonymous username or number, get details about the item, such as its purchase date and price.

Recommended channels 📣

Telegram now offers a list of recommended channels based on your interests. The « Channels » tab in the search interface displays the channels you follow, as well as recommendations for channels with similar topics. Personalized suggestions are based on your interests. They allow you to explore new topics and keep up to date with the ones you’re passionate about. At any time, you can swipe up to move on to the next unread channel. This way, you’ll continue to discover new recommendations once you’ve browsed everything.

Rewards for creators🎁

Channel owners can now benefit from a new reward system, receiving 50% of the advertising revenue generated on their channels. In addition, users can promote their channels or bots by creating sponsored messages on Telegram’s advertising platform, offering new monetization opportunities.

Messaging improvements📩

New features improve the readability, convenience and confidentiality of conversations on Telegram.

The profile photos of users who have forwarded messages are now displayed, making it easier to recognize sources and understand the context of conversations. If you restrict the forwarding of your messages, your profile photo will not be visible in forwarded messages, preserving your privacy and control over the distribution of your content.

Users can now increase the duration of an existing shared position or share it indefinitely, until they deactivate it.

New Premium features⭐

Premium users benefit from new features, including the ability to include animated and personalized emoji in polls, as well as the ability to hide ads in channels. In addition, Premium users can activate stealth mode to view stories anonymously and without leaving a trace.

By default, Telegram Premium subscriptions hide ads in channels. If you’d still like to see them – either to check your own ads, or to help channels earn rewards, there’s a new option to show ads in Settings > Telegram Professional.

Do you use Telegram? What do you think of these new features?

Source : Telegram

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