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Using your AirPods Max for sports? Not a good idea 🎧

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AirPods Max have become one of Apple’s most popular products in recent years. While their audio performance and active noise cancellation are unquestionable, there’s a small fly in the ointment in the form of sweat.

Sporty activity and AirPods Max apparently don’t mix

Dubbed the « Condensation Death » by the website 404 Media, a new condensation-related problem is affecting Apple’s high-end headset. According to numerous reports on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Apple forums, this concern is particularly noticeable when the AirPods Max are used for indoor or outdoor sports activities, such as running. Moisture tends to penetrate the ear cushions, which could potentially damage the headphones’ internal speakers, leading to breakdowns or complete failure. For a headset priced at €629, this is a major concern.

« This condensation issue was reported almost immediately after AirPods Max were released in December, 2020, but the problem seems to be particularly pronounced three years into the AirPods Max’s lifecycle and during the hottest summer on record. » reports 404media.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed 🧑🏾‍⚖️

A class action lawsuit has been filed in California, alleging a « latent and material defect » causing condensation to build up in the earphones after normal use. However, Apple’s lawyers argue that this does not fall under « normal use ». According to them, the plaintiffs (and therefore their customers) should take extra care when exercising or moving around while wearing AirPods Max. It’s reminiscent of the brand’s rhetoric around the iPhone 4’s « Antenna Gate » and the iPhone 6’s « Bend Gate ».

In recent months, the plaintiffs in this case have been negotiating with Apple to reach a settlement. Outside the legal proceedings, Apple has not publicly admitted the existence of the problem. The resolution of the class action and the possibility of an agreement between the plaintiffs and Apple remain uncertain. For its part, the American manufacturer has not commented in response to 404media.

Source : 404 Media

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