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Motorola launches its new foldable smartphones: the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra 📱

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Motorola takes the lead over Samsung by unveiling its new range of foldable clamshell smartphones: the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra. Although similar in concept, these two models differ in terms of features and price. Serious competitors to the future Galaxy Z Flip 6?

Motorola Razr 50 Ultra: the clamshell high-end 🤩

The Razr 50 Ultra is positioned as the premium model in the range. Its main asset is its large 4-inch external display, even larger than that of its predecessor. This screen, with a refresh rate of 165 Hz in LTPO, enables fluid use while saving battery power thanks to automatic frequency adaptation down to 1 Hz. Protected by Gorilla Glass Victus, the screen is scratch- and shock-resistant. When unfolded, this smartphone features a foldable 6.9-inch OLED screen in 22:9 format, also capable of reaching 165 Hz.

Source : Motorola

When it comes to photography, the Razr 50 Ultra makes a bold choice: it features a 50 MP main sensor with optical stabilization (OIS) and a 50 MP x2 telephoto lens. However, it skips the ultra-wide-angle lens in favor of portraits and zooms. A 32 MP selfie sensor completes the package.

As for performance, the smartphone is powered by the powerful Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, accompanied by 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The 4000 mAh battery can be recharged quickly thanks to Motorola’s TurboPower technology, offering 50% charge in just 12 minutes with the included 68 W charger.

Motorola Razr 50: the more affordable option🥈

The Razr 50 is more accessible, while retaining the essence of the foldable experience. Its 3.6-inch external screen is identical to that of last year’s Razr 40 Ultra, offering a 90 Hz refresh rate. Inside, we find the same 6.9-inch OLED screen as on the Ultra, but limited to 120 Hz.

Source : Motorola

For photography, the Razr 50 retains a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens in addition to the main 50MP sensor. And when it comes to performance, the smartphone is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 7300X SoC, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. Last but not least, the battery is slightly more generous at 4200 mAh, rechargeable at 30W by wire.

Shared improvements 🚀

Both models benefit from an improved, thinner and more durable hinge, certified for 600,000 opens/closes. They run on Android 14 with Motorola’s Hello UI interface. Like Samsung with Galaxy AI, AI features are integrated with Moto AI. In addition, the Google Gemini application comes with both phones.

Unfortunately, software support remains limited to three major Android updates and four years of security patches. This falls far short of the high-end competition, notably Samsung and Google, who offer 7 years of updates.

Why adopt a foldable smartphone? 🤔

Foldable smartphones are first and foremost smartphones. When unfolded, they offer an experience similar to that of a conventional smartphone. It’s in the folded position that their unique advantages are fully revealed.

Compactness is one of the main assets of these devices. When folded, they take up less space than a traditional smartphone, slipping easily into a pocket. Manufacturers have also perfected the external screen, making it larger and more functional. This makes it possible to quickly perform various actions without unfolding the device, potentially reducing overall screen time.

Source: Motorola

The photographic experience is another strong point emphasized by manufacturers like Motorola. The external screen makes it possible to use the best sensors (usually located on the rear) for selfies, offering superior image quality. What’s more, the smartphone’s foldable shape allows it to be used as an integrated tripod, opening up new creative possibilities.

Source : Motorola

However, two challenges remain: the bending of the internal screen and battery life. Although less noticeable on recent models, the folding can still bother some users, particularly when scrolling. Finally, as these smartphones are compact, they carry smaller batteries than their non-folding counterparts. They are therefore less durable.

Prices and availability 🤑

The Motorola Razr 50 Ultra is priced at 1199 euros. It is available in several colors: navy blue, peach, khaki and in pink exclusively on the Motorola website.

Source: Motorola

As for the Motorola Razr 50, it is launched at an attractive price of 899 euros, making it one of the most affordable foldable smartphones on the market. It is available in beige, gray and orange, with a leatherette cover.

Source: Motorola

Have you ever used a folding smartphone? What do you think of these new smartphones from Motorola? Tell us in comments.

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