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Good evening dear readers of TechGriot.

The entire editorial team, made up of your favourite griot(s), would like to wish you once again the best for the New Year.

The new year is an opportunity for everyone to set goals. And to serve you better, your favourite griots have listened to you and set some for themselves:

  • Best focus on Cameroonian and African applications
  • English version of articles
  • Giving readers a voice
  • Improving the presence on Social Networks

Better focus on Cameroonian and African applications 🚀

At TechGriot we are committed to bringing you the technology that surrounds you. This year we will be putting even more emphasis on Cameroonian and African technologies, which we hope will improve your daily life.

English version of the articles 🌐

Your favourite griots are Cameroonian, Cameroon is a bilingual country, some of our readers are English-speaking and have been wanting to be able to read the articles in English for a while. No need to draw you a picture 😉.

This year, we will progressively translate all the new articles into English, and why not some old articles.

Giving voice to our readers 🎤

TechGriot is above all you, dear readers. And this year, we are going to give you even more say, to know what you want, and thus serve you better.

Improving our presence on Social Networks 🤗

We are well aware that we are not present enough on the networks, especially Facebook. In the same vein as the previous point, we will do everything we can to be closer to you.

We still have other things we are planning. But we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. So in the meantime 😁

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