Airbnb introduces a new « Rooms » category with more details about your hosts 🛏️

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Airbnb is one of the most popular accommodation booking platforms on the market. With the anticipation of an increase in travel, the platform has gone all out to prepare for all its users this summer.

Airbnb revives its original concept with a focus on « Rooms » 🛏️

Not many people know this, but the name Airbnb is actually short for « Air Bed and Breakfast ». As the name suggests, in its early days, the app simply allowed you to book a room with a host for a stay. Over time, the app has grown to offer many more choices. In the current economic climate, and to help its users rediscover the magic of staying with a host, Airbnb is launching « Rooms », a revamped approach to its original concept.

“With Airbnb Rooms, we’re getting back to the idea that started it all – back to our founding ethos of sharing,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO. “Airbnb Rooms are often more affordable than hotels, and they’re the most authentic way to experience a city. This is the soul of Airbnb.”

In the application you have access to a new room section, but also to other related features:

  • Airbnb Rooms category : Enjoy convenient access to a wide selection of 1 million private rooms available on Airbnb. Listings also offer you the opportunity to enjoy common areas such as kitchen, living room and garden.

  • Host Passport : Reserved for Rooms, it helps you get to know your host better before booking your stay. By clicking on the passport to enlarge the photo, you will have access to information provided by the host, such as his hometown, his profession, a personal anecdote and much more.

  • Redesigned filters : The « Housing Type » filter has been redesigned to allow users to easily switch between private rooms and entire homes, or to display all available housing types. Displaying the average price for each accommodation type is made easier with a price filter that updates based on the options you choose.

  • New privacy features for travelers : Each room will clearly display whether the door has a lock or not. Listings will also specify whether bathrooms are shared or private, as well as the possibility of other people than the host being present during your stay.

More than 50 new features to improve the user experience of the application 🤩

The Airbnb community is one of the platform’s strengths. And to improve the platform, their feedback has been Airbnb’s inspiration. Travelers will be able to enjoy 50 new features starting today, including:

  • Transparent check-out instructions : Prior to booking, travelers have the ability to view the departure instructions provided by hosts directly on the listing. In addition, they are reminded of these instructions prior to departure. When leaving their review, travelers have the opportunity to report any excessive demands from hosts. Airbnb removes listings that consistently receive poor reviews due to unreasonable requirements.

  • Improved maps : Airbnb has improved the performance and operation of landmarks when you zoom or pan across the map, as well as the display of search results.
  • Redesigned wishlists : The wishlist interface has been completely redesigned. Adding listings to wishlist is now a one-click process, and the calendar shows the availability of saved accommodations. In addition, it is possible to add notes to remember the details that you liked.
  • Simpler and more affordable monthly stays : For stays of three months or longer, the service fee for travelers is significantly reduced. In the U.S., travelers can even save as little as one month’s stay by paying with their linked bank account. A new interface in the « Months » tab makes it easy to select stays from 1 to 12 months.
  • Priority customer service on a trip : A dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide priority assistance during current stays. The goal is to respond to 90% of calls in English within two minutes.
  • Pay over time : Through a partnership with Klarna in the U.S. and Canada, travelers can spread the payment of their stays over six weeks, divided into four interest-free installments. For bookings over $500, it is possible to request payment in installments (U.S. only). This feature will be expanded to other countries throughout the year.
  • Instant rebooking credit : If a host cancels a reservation within 30 days of arrival, most travelers will receive an instant credit that they can use immediately to book another stay.

Are you a user of the application? If so, what do you think of these updates? Tell us in comments.

Source : Airbnb

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