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Canva expands its range of visual features 🖌️🤖

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Whereas Canva enters a decade as one of the leading graphic design platforms, it is now unveiling new brand management features and AI-powered creative tools. Indeed, the Canva suite marks the beginning of a new era of creativity and collaboration, enabling teams and organizations to create visual communication materials at scale.

AI at the core of templates🤖

It’s really the AI fever, and Canva is not to be outdone as it adds a little more to its creations, with the arrival of a number of tools aimed at facilitating the work of creators.

Want to create virtual masterpieces with just a few clicks? Get started with Magic Design.  Just import an image, select a style, and Canva does the rest, providing custom templates with typography, images and graphics to match the style you want.

In the same way, the Canva Presentation tool will now allow you to create a slideshow template by entering a few keywords. The tool will then generate a first draft that you can customize. Moreover, on presentations – or any other creation – an automatic translation tool will be integrated, with a choice of over 100 languages. What a delight!

What about image editing?👩🏾‍🎨👨🏾‍🎨

For image editing, Canva also offers simplified tools. The Magic Eraser gives you the ability to remove unnecessary elements from your images. Doesn’t this remind you of Photoshop’s Corrector or Band-Aid tool?

And that’s not all! Canva goes further with Magic Edit, which allows you to add an element to the image with a simple text query.

In other words, with Magic Edit you can replace or add an element – for example, replace a basket with a nice bag in an ad image.

A Brand Hub space: a range of tools aimed at efficiency 💹

This new Brand Hub workspace added to the Visual Worksuite provides a single location within the Canva editor for everything needed to create a brand identity.

It brings together all the ingredients teams and users need to create brand-compliant designs in the Canva editing experience. Your brand templates, brand guidelines, fonts, graphics, logos, projects and more will now be available in one place so everyone can quickly create brand-aware designs.

Within Brand Hub, employees will be able to submit creative briefs or best practice guidelines. The space will also allow to regulate access to different files, and to set up approval flows in projects. Brand kits, which list the logos, colors, fonts and images for a brand’s various projects, will also be integrated into the Brand Hub.

Other gifts from Canva🎁

Canva also announced the launch of other new features, and the evolution of existing tools :

  • Improvements for Magic Write: the tool can be used throughout the Visual Worksuite (websites, presentations, social media, whiteboards etc.),
  • An improvement of the Text to image tool: the resolution of images is considerably increased (x 16), and the generation speed is reduced by about 68%. New styles will also be added,
  • An animation creation function: the user will be able to create a trajectory for an object to bring some dynamism to his videos or presentations,
  • A drawing tool: the Draw tool will allow you to draw with a brush tool. Canva announces that, in the near future, sketches will be integrated into element libraries so that they can be instantly transformed into neat drawings,
  • A Beat Sync music option: this feature will allow, when designing videos on Canva, to align a sequence automatically to the rhythm of the soundtrack you have chosen. This feature can be useful for social media publications.

Bring out the artist in you. 😍


Sources : Canva, Clubic

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