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In the AI race, Meta unveils Meta AI and its chatbots 🤖

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AI continues to fascinate tech giants. In fact, Meta has just launched new chatbots on its various platforms!

Chatbots on Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp?🤖

During Meta Connect, its « virtual event focused on AI and virtual, mixed and augmented realities », the Meta Group unveiled a series of AI-powered chatbots with which it will be possible to converse on its social platforms (Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp). The aim is clear: to improve retention rates 😎.

More specifically, these are 28 conversational agents « with whom you can interact and delve deeper into your areas of interest » who are endowed with « unique interests and personalities », Meta points out in a blog post.

To imagine and write the « singular stories » and profiles of its chatbots, the group has teamed up with several celebrities such as rapper Snoop Dogg, influencer and model Kendall Jenner, tennis player Naomi Osaka and MMA champion Israel Adesanya, who already have their own accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta points out, however, that the knowledge base of most of its chatbots ends at the beginning of 2023, and that their answers may initially seem dated. Will we be indulgent or not? 😅

However, this is a late announcement and launch in the face of the multitude of chatbots already deployed and well established, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or even Telegram, which has been developing its chatbot system for ages.

Nevertheless, at the event, Meta unveiled other surprises. 🎁

A virtual assistant and editing tools🖌️

Meta has unveiled Meta AI: a new AI assistant you’ll be able to interact with on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. The conversational agent, which is « powered by a custom model that leverages Llama 2 technology and our latest research on large language models (LLMs) », will be able to browse the web to provide up-to-date information, thanks to a partnership established with search engine Bing.


So, like ChatGPT or Google Bard, Meta AI will be able to answer questions or make recommendations. Better still, it will be able to « generate realistic photos from a text query » in your conversations, in the same way as an AI image generator like Midjourney. All you need to do is associate the command  » @MetaAI /imagine » to a query in one of our messaging applications.

It’s important to point out that the virtual assistant is currently in beta phase in the United States. At this stage, no deployment date has been announced.

Finally, three image-editing tools were also previewed at Meta Connect:

  • AI Stickers, which will generate personalized stickers for your conversations and Stories.


  • Restyle, which applies a new style to an image on Instagram.


  • Backdrop, which will offer the possibility of transforming the background of an image on Instagram.

So, what do you think? Join us in the comments to discuss.

Sources: Meta, PresseCitron

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