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It’s time for Demand Gen AI: Google’s innovative campaign 📢

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In a move to extend its dominance in the digital advertising space, Google has officially launched the Demand Gen AI campaign on a global scale. The campaign, initially unveiled in June 2023, promises companies innovative ways to interact with their target audience.

Demand Gen now available to all Google Ads users

Who hasn’t heard of Google ads? Dear Technophiles and neo-technophiles, TechGriot describes this service as a search engine and online advertising program provided by Google. With Google Ads, you can have fun creating ads that are broadcast on the Web to reach Internet users at the very moment they are interested in the products and services you offer.

As a bonus, Google has announced that it has rolled out, for its Google Ads users, its brand new service designed specifically to help advertisers on social platforms: Demand Gen AI.

« To keep up with this evolving media landscape, social advertisers need to adapt their strategies to deliver results », notes Vidhya Srinivasan, VP & GM in Google Ads.

As it stands, Demand Gen is the next generation of AI-based Discovery campaigns, featuring « all the key features available today », as well as new tools, inventory, insights and an « enhanced ad creation workflow ». It aims to streamline the consumer discovery and conversion process through engaging content. Building on « excellent beta results and positive feedback from thousands of advertisers », it has been available to all Google Ads customers since October 10. At the same time, Google has announced that Discovery Ads will be upgraded by early 2024.

What’s Demand Gen capable of?

Whereas Discovery campaigns were limited to images, carousels and product data feeds for ads, Demand Gen goes a step further and lets you integrate videos (including YouTube and Shorts) and mix these different elements. It’s all about personalizing your ads😉.

By offering a wide variety of formats, advertisers can expect a click-through rate three times higher than paid social campaigns, with a cost per action reduced by 61%, promises Google.

At the same time, « new Lookalike segments » help you find new customers by combining first-party data (all the information collected directly from your audience or customer base) and Google interest signals (session data from sites and applications that Google associates with users). You can then maximize performance in line with your objectives, whether in terms of clicks, conversions or actions on the website.

Retailers can also use Demand Gen to add product feeds by combining videos with images and text from their catalogs, to show prospects the products best suited to their interests. Reports can also be used to segment performance by format, to optimize future campaigns.

Simply put, Demand Gen AI is the solution and, at the same time, an innovative campaign for you, the advertiser, who wants to increase the engagement rate of your [potential] target audience to stratospheric levels, with a high ad delivery rate. Just one word: Go for it and tell us what you think.

Sources: Google, Crystopolitan

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