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Google’s Gemini application finally available to all ✨

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Google announces the launch of its Gemini mobile application in a number of African and European countries, including Cameroon and France. Until now reserved for the United States, Gemini enables users to boost their creativity and productivity thanks to advanced artificial intelligence functionalities.

A worldwide expansion 🌍

The Gemini application is now available on all smartphones across Africa and Europe. With Gemini, Google aims to create a true multimodal AI assistant, capable of providing help in writing, vocally or from images. It can, for example, take a photo of a flat tire to obtain instructions on how to change it.

But beyond that, Gemini aims to go even further by exploiting the capabilities of generative AI. In particular, Google mentions the possibility of getting help to write posts on social networks, plan outings or identify photographed monuments. The assistant will be able to synthesize search results on specific subjects such as recipes or history.

Using Gemini on Android and iOS 📱

Access to Gemini varies according to operating system. On Android, users need to download the dedicated app from the Google Play Store or activate it via Google Assistant. Google’s AI assistant is capable of performing tasks similar to those of Google Assistant. It can, for example, start a timer, make a call or record reminders. Gemini can be activated in several ways. You can swipe from the corner of the screen or press the smartphone’s power button. You can also use the « Hey Google » voice command.

On iOS, access to Gemini will be integrated into the Google app over the next few weeks. Simply press the Gemini button to start using the chatbot. A Google account is required to use the app, whether on Android or iOS.

Towards the end of Google Assistant? 🤖

While Gemini currently coexists with the Google Assistant, it seems clear that Google is preparing its eventual replacement. Indeed, it is already possible to choose Gemini by default in Android settings. Google also states that it intends to integrate many other voice functionalities into Gemini over the coming months.

This worldwide launch is « an important first step » according to Google, which aims to make its AI application « accessible to as many people as possible » by extending its language support. It remains to be seen how Gemini will be received by users, while this type of assistant is already causing controversy across the Atlantic due to possible factual errors.

How often do you use generative AI? What do you think of this app availability? Tell us in comments.



Source : Google

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