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WhatsApp is currently testing a multi-account function 👥

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WhatsApp continues to take inspiration from its competitors in order to improve. After announcing screen sharing during video calls (which you can discover by clicking here), WhatsApp is now testing the possibility of having multiple accounts within a single application.

No more juggling WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

If you juggle various WhatsApp accounts, then you probably have 2 applications installed on your smartphone: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Users of some Android smartphones, notably Samsung, have the option of having two separate WhatsApp applications within the same smartphone. However, these approaches require some acrobatics to switch from one account to the other.

Taking inspiration from other messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp is currently exploring, with a restricted group of beta users, the possibility of having an additional account within the same app. This new feature was spotted by WhatsApp pre-release expert WABetaInfo in version for Android.

As shown in the screenshot above, you can now add a new account by clicking on the arrow icon next to the QR code button. In the same menu, you can also switch between different accounts. A newly added account remains active on the device until you decide to log out.

This new feature enables users to bring together their private, professional and other conversations in a single application. Discussions remain separate, as do notifications. Switching from one account to another thus becomes more fluid, without the need for several parallel devices or applications.

Still in the testing phase, patience will be required for a few weeks, or even months, before it is rolled out to all users. However, it’s pleasing to see that WhatsApp is striving to bring its application up to current standards.

Source : WABetaInfo

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