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Passkeys are coming to WhatsApp 🔑

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After Google, TikTok(Click here to read the article) and Microsoft, it’s now the turn of WhatsApp, Meta’s instant messaging service, to give its users the option of logging in with passkeys.

Passkeys are becoming increasingly popular 🔐

Passkeys are a password replacement tool for your various applications. They are based on biometric data (a fingerprint or facial recognition) or on the PIN code of the device used. In fact, Google has made this identification system widely available, enabling you to log in to your accounts without a password (Click here to read the article on the subject).

This new security option will initially be available only to Android users. Deployment of the feature is scheduled over the coming weeks. For the moment, there’s no information about deployment on iOS. But be patient 😏

What if passkeys were the future ? 🤔

WhatsApp’s announcement follows on directly from Google’s addition of passkeys as a default identification method in mid-October. The American giant invited its users to configure their passkeys. According to Google, this system is 40% faster than passwords. It is also much more resistant to phishing attacks. At the same time, Google specified that passkeys would be extended to other applications, including WhatsApp and other major web platforms. It has to be said that they are gradually moving away from double authentication via a password and an access code by e-mail or via a telephone number. However, this does not mean that passwords will be abandoned immediately.

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