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It’s a festival of new features on Telegram ! 📸

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Introduced last August to celebrate Telegram’s 10th anniversary, stories continue to grow within the messaging platform. The new update brings them even closer to what we find on Instagram, for example.

Channels now have their own stories 📸

With this new update, Telegram introduces a new channel boost system. Available to Premium users, it enables them to show their support for their favorite channels. Channels can invite their subscribers to boost them via a special link. Once a certain boost level is reached, channels then have the option of unlocking the stories. Once stories are accessible for a channel, authorized administrators and Telegram Premium subscription holders can post using the « Post Story » icon on the channel’s information page.

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In addition, administrators will have the option of choosing « Post story as » when sharing stories from their exchange list. As a channel receives boosts, it progresses in levels. Each level reached enables the channel to share an additional story per day in its subscribers’ news feed.

Sticker reactions 🤩

Now, in stories, users as well as channels have the option of including reaction stickers. This allows users to respond using multiple emojis in a single gesture. Stories shared by channels display reaction counters that give the total number of choices for each emotion.

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To include a reaction sticker, simply click on the 💭 icon in the stickers section, then select an emoji from the multiple options available in the window. Premium subscribers even have the ability to use personalized emojis. Each person has the option of adding one reaction sticker to each story, but Premium users can include up to 5.

Add music to your stories 🎵

In addition to stickers, it’s now possible to add audio files from your device to stories. For the moment, it’s not possible to search from Telegram to add music, as is the case on Instagram or Snapchat, for example.

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From the sticker panel, simply press ‘Audio’ and select a file. If you want to add an audio file to a video story, you can keep the original sound and move the added audio track to any location.

Fast forward and front camera flash 🔦

Now you can fast-forward or rewind videos by holding your finger on the screen and sliding it to the right or left.

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For brighter, more vivid selfies, you can use the front flash with flexible setting options to increase warmth and intensity.

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A little bonus: new login alerts 🔐

When a new connection is established on your account, Telegram sends a notification to all connected devices. To improve visibility, new connections are now highlighted at the top of your chat list. If you don’t recognize the new connection, you can immediately secure your account by pressing ‘No, it’s not me!’. You can view the list of all devices with access to your messages in Settings > Devices.

To enhance security, you can add dual authentication by setting an additional password in Settings > Privacy & Security > Two factor authentication.

Have you already used stories on Telegram? What do you think of these new features?


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