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Telegram has some new features for its groups ⚡

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Telegram has not deviated from its good habits in 2024. The platform, used to offering new features every month, renewed its commitment at the end of February, this time focusing on groups.

Boosts for Groups ⚡

Groups can now be upgraded through member boosts and competitions. Higher levels offer members premium features when trading within groups. The latest update is packed with these features specific to boosted groups, as detailed in the following lines.

Group Stories 📸

This update introduces a new mode of communication within groups, allowing administrators to publish stories. Replies to stories will fuel new discussions within the group.

To share a story on behalf of your group, click on the story icon (+) in the group profile or select the group in the « Publish story as » section of the story editor.

Emoji Status, Covers, Wallpapers, and Link Styles 🖌️

Boosted groups benefit from exclusive personalization options specific to Telegram. You can change the color and logo of the profile cover, set an emoji status, and choose a wallpaper visible to all group members when they access the group.

To personalize your group, access its profile and select Edit > Appearance, taking into account the group level to access the appearance settings.

Emoji packs for groups 😜

High-level groups unlock Premium Telegram features that enrich exchanges within discussions. Administrators can choose a customized emoji pack that all members can use, even without a Telegram Premium subscription. This emoji pack can be created by Telegram artists or by administrators themselves.

Voice-to-text message transcription ⌨️

Members of boosted groups can enjoy unlimited voice-to-text transcriptions for voice and video messages shared within the group.

Special permission for boosters🚀

Messages from users who have boosted the group are marked with a special badge that changes with each boost sent. Administrators can grant special permissions to boosters, giving them unique privileges such as ignoring idle mode and other restrictions. Telegram Premium offers 4 boosts that can be assigned to any group or channel, with 3 additional boosts available for every gift of a Premium subscription.

Are you a Telegram user? If so, what do you think of these new features? Tell us in the comments.

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