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Good evening to you all.

First of all, happy International Women’s Rights Day to all our readers.🌹 On this day dedicated to you, we’d like to share with you these beautiful words from Serena Williams: « Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on. »

This week in #TechFriday, the focus is mainly on app updates. Happy reading and don’t forget to share around you 😉

Apple updates its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air with the M3 chip 💻

Apple recently unveiled its new MacBook Air equipped with the M3 chip via a press release. Although the external appearance remains unchanged, the M3 chip offers improved performance. The new chip also enables Wi-Fi 6E and support for two external displays via Thunderbolt ports. Click here for full article

Direct messages (DMs) on Instagram get new features, including message editing 📩

Instagram’s latest update introduces several new features to Direct Messages (DM) messaging. From now on, users can edit their messages after they’ve been sent, pin conversations and much more. Click here for full article

Spotify will raise its pricing again, but only in France 🤑
Spotify will soon be increasing its prices in France, due to the introduction of a new tax, the « CNM tax ». Introduced by the French government, it will be used to fund the Centre National de la Musique (CNM). However, Spotify believes that this tax will neither directly benefit artists nor visibly benefit fans. Click here for full article
Telegram has some new features for its groups ⚡

In 2024, Telegram continued its tradition of monthly updates with new group-focused features. Groups can now level up thanks to member boosts, benefiting from premium features when chatting. Click here for full article

Google Maps prepares a practical feature 📍
A new feature is currently under development for Google Maps. This feature aims to make it easier to locate entrances to large buildings by displaying directions on the map. Entrances are represented by white circles containing an entrance symbol. Click here for full article

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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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