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Spotify will raise its pricing again, but only in France 🤑

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In recent weeks, we’ve seen an increase in subscription prices for streaming platforms. Spotify recently announced that it had been forced to implement a further price increase.

An increase due to new taxes 💰

Spotify France has announced a new price increase via an open letter published on its various social networks. The price hike, expected « in the coming weeks », is directly linked to a new tax. This new tax, the « CNM tax », was introduced by the French government to finance the Centre National de la Musique (CNM). Spotify, however, does not vibrate at the same frequency as the government.

Our concern, in addition to what would amount to a double payment on our part, was that this tax would not go directly to the artists tangible return for fans; instead, it will simply come at the expense of listeners, and will create an additional intermediary – the CNM.

Initially, Spotify had reduced its marketing budget for artists and its support for French music festivals. Now, the platform has decided to pass this new tax on to its subscription fees. Over the next few weeks, new prices are expected to be announced, and they are likely to be the highest in Europe. To be continued.


Source : Spotify

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