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Google Maps prepares a practical feature 📍

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Google Maps has become one of the most essential applications for many users on a daily basis. A feature currently under development should further enhance its usefulness.

Easily find the entrance to large buildings 🏢

Google Maps is the best application for getting around. However, when you’re on your way to a large building or complex, for example, once you’re there, the question often arises: where’s the front door?

To answer this question and facilitate access to certain places, Google is currently testing a new feature. Discovered by Android Police, it enables Google Maps to show the entrances to certain buildings on the map. According to the news provider, entrances are only displayed when the user selects a location on the map and zooms in sufficiently. They are symbolized by rounded white circles containing an entrance symbol. In addition, selected businesses or buildings are highlighted in red, making it easier to distinguish them from other locations.

Source : Android Police

Tests underway in major cities and for a limited number of users🔬

Android Police carried out tests with various types of building, including hotels, doctors’ surgeries, supermarkets, cafés and restaurants. The tests were carried out in the cities of New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, as well as in Berlin, Germany. Entry information was visible for some establishments, but not for others. In some cases, entrances were not correctly positioned. This suggests that Google may still be in the process of collecting the necessary data.

To carry out these tests, Android Police used Google Maps version 11.17.0101 on a Google Pixel 7a. However, even if you own this smartphone with this version of Google Maps, this does not guarantee that you will also be able to perform the test. So you’ll have to wait until the feature is officially deployed.
In the meantime, what do you think of this feature? Let us know in the comments section.

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