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YouTube improves viewing of related content on TV 📺

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At a time when YouTube viewing time on TV has surpassed one billion hours per day, YouTube has decided to offer its users a more dynamic experience on TV.

A more flexible experience📺

Watching YouTube on a TV set doesn’t offer the same experience as on a computer or phone. On a computer or phone, the experience is more interactive, as you can easily consult the description, read the comments, etc. On a TV, the experience is often more passive. You’re usually content to just watch the video, and nothing more.

YouTube will rectify this with a new design, giving users the chance to interact more with their remote control. A new two-column interface will enhance existing features, such as access to video descriptions and comments.

Source : YouTube

In practice, instead of the description and comments being displayed above the video, they will now have their own column on the right-hand side of the screen. This means you can watch your content while reading the description and comments.

Source : YouTube

And YouTube doesn’t intend to stop there. In fact, the platform plans to use the new panel to offer new experiences, such as buying your creators’ favorite products and viewing live scores for sports fans.

Deployment of this new feature has already begun. If you don’t yet have access to the new interface, please update your application.

Source : YouTube

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