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Microsoft finally merges its two Teams applications on Windows 11 👥

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With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a new version of Teams for personal use. Except that it duplicates the Teams application used by professionals. And the situation didn’t please users, who complained to Microsoft. The company has listened and will now offer a single version of Teams.

A single Teams application 👥

Starting with Windows 11 Release 24H2, Teams users will have access to a preview of the new Microsoft Teams unified application on Windows. This update will enable Microsoft Teams to function as a single application. This will enable users to switch easily between their personal and professional accounts. To add or access additional accounts, users will simply click on their profile picture in the top right-hand corner of Teams when they log in.

Teams work user interface showing the Me control open with both work and personal account // Source : Microsoft

Users will now be able to launch personal and business accounts simultaneously, with separate icons in the taskbar. Indeed, according to user feedback, they prefer a multi-window experience.

eams personal account user interface over Teams work user interface // Source : Microsoft

Notifications have also been improved, clearly indicating which team account they belong to. In addition, personal notifications offer more detail and allow action to be taken directly from the notification banner.

A Teams notification that someone is calling // Source : Microsoft

In future versions, when joining a meeting, users will be able to choose which account to use. They will also be able to join a meeting without logging in.

Teams user selecting which account to use to join a meeting // Source : Microsoft

This preview version of the unified application is called « Microsoft Teams (work or school) », but its name will be automatically updated to « Microsoft Teams » in future versions. The current « Microsoft Teams (free) » application will be removed in future releases.


Source : Blog Windows

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