#TechFriday n°1️⃣9️⃣0️⃣- Issue of 21/06/2024

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Dear technology-loving readers, welcome to another edition of #TechFriday, packed with exciting innovations and developments! This week, we dive into the world of the new Copilot+ PCs, explore the mobile internet revolution with SpaceX’s Starlink Mini, and discover the latest updates to your favorite apps. From WhatsApp to YouTube to Instagram, the tech giants never stop pushing the boundaries to enhance your digital experience.

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The new Copilot+ PCs are here. Is this the promised revolution? 💻
The new Copilot+ PCs with ARM Snapdragon X Plus and X Elite chips from Qualcomm are finally available, promising performance to rival Apple’s M3 chips. Initial tests confirm impressive performance and autonomy, comparable to MacBook Air, with silent operation. However, the launch is experiencing some difficulties on the software side. Click here for full article
SpaceX Introduces Starlink Mini: Space Internet in any condition 📡
SpaceX revolutionizes mobile Internet with Starlink Mini, a compact, lightweight satellite antenna designed for travelers. Weighing just 1.13 kg and the size of a laptop, it offers speeds in excess of 100 Mbps and integrates a Wi-Fi router. It’s also weatherproof and can be powered via USB-C. Click here for full article
Sending HD photos on WhatsApp just got easier 🥳

WhatsApp is rolling out an update that now enables photos and videos to be sent automatically in high definition, without having to select this option manually for each media item. Although a slight compression is still applied, the quality will be significantly better than previous settings. Click here for full article

YouTube takes inspiration from Twitter for a new feature 🗒️

YouTube is experimenting with a new « community notes » feature, enabling users to provide additional context to videos by adding annotations. Inspired by a similar initiative from Twitter, the feature, currently in pilot phase in the U.S., aims to provide clarification on the content of a video. Click here for full article

Instagram introduces live broadcasts for close friends 🎥

Instagram launches « Close Friends on Live », allowing users to broadcast live only to close friends. This feature offers a more intimate experience, in line with Instagram’s trend towards more private interactions. It responds to users’ demands for authenticity. Click here for full article

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