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Instagram introduces live broadcasts for close friends 🎥

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Instagram has just unveiled a new feature that promises to transform the live streaming experience on the platform. Called « Close Friends on Live », this option allows users to live stream exclusively to their list of close friends. The result is a more intimate, personalized experience.

A more private live broadcast 🎥

Since the introduction of live broadcasts on Instagram in 2016, these have been available to all the user’s followers. Although very popular among celebrities and influencers, this feature could deter ordinary users. Indeed, they are often reluctant to expose themselves to a large audience. « Close Friends on Live » changes all that, offering greater control over the audience for live broadcasts. Now, users can share their thoughts, exchange memes, plan trips or do homework together – all in a more intimate, relaxed setting.

A shift towards more private interactions 🫶🏾

The launch of « Close Friends on Live » is part of Instagram’s overall strategy to encourage more private ways of using the platform. This trend is reflected in other recently introduced features. Last November, users were given the option of making messages posted on their grid visible only to close friends. In May, Instagram added the ability to mute interactions for all users except close friends. The platform thus offered stricter security settings to limit harassment.

These changes show that Instagram is seeking to meet its members’ growing demand for more authentic and private interactions. Indeed, the platform is often associated with influencers and advertising.

A response to user expectations 😊

« Close Friends on Live » responds to a growing demand for more authentic and private interactions on social networks. This feature could encourage new users to take up live streaming. It should also boost engagement on the platform.

With this launch, Instagram confirms its desire to place human connections at the heart of its user experience. It remains to be seen how this new feature will be adopted by the community. The other question is what impact it will have on the use of live streaming on the platform.


Do you use Instagram regularly? If so, what do you think of this new feature? Discuss it in the comments.


Sources : The Verge, FredZone

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