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YouTube takes inspiration from X (ex-Twitter) for a new feature 🗒️

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To strengthen moderation and combat misinformation, YouTube is experimenting with a new « community notes » feature. Inspired by the similar function implemented by Twitter before its takeover by Elon Musk, this initiative aims to provide additional context to videos through notes added by the community.

Additional information on video content 🗒️

« Community notes » will enable some YouTube users to add annotations under videos to clarify their content. For example, contributors will be able to indicate whether a video is parodic or contains old images presented as current. The notes, visible in a small box below the video, will be written in a neutral manner. They will also have to cite sources to justify their content.

An example of how YouTube notes could look // Source : YouTube

Initially, only a limited number of eligible contributors with good YouTube reputations will be invited to write these notes. These are the contributors who already rate YouTube’s search results and recommendations. These reviewers will rate the relevance and usefulness of the notes. Third-party reviewers will then rate their relevance to drive YouTube’s rating system. They can rate them as « useful », « somewhat useful » or « useless ». All these evaluations will help improve the rating system over time.

For the moment, the feature is only being tested on mobile devices in the United States, and in English.

A feature that will evolve 🔬

Google, owner of YouTube, is aware of the risks of hijacking this function, as observed on Twitter. The company plans to take steps to moderate and refine the system. YouTube is awaiting feedback from users, contributors and creators to improve this feature. If the results are conclusive, it is possible that the function will be extended to other regions and languages.

This experiment is an important step for YouTube in its ongoing fight against misinformation. It is also an effort by the platform to offer more transparent and reliable content to its users.

What do you think of this YouTube experiment? Will it be useful? Discuss it in comments.


Source : YouTube

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