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Telegram launches business accounts 💰

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We’re used to seeing WhatsApp copy Telegram for new features. But the opposite is true of Telegram’s new feature, Telegram Business.

Manage your business from Telegram

After WhatsApp Business, it’s time for Telegram Business. From now on, any user can transform a standard Telegram account into a business account. This new version of Telegram offers a number of key features, which should enable users to better manage their business from the platform.

Opening hours, location, personalized homepage and quick Replies

Business owners can now display their opening hours and location on an interactive map. Potential customers can then locate their business and check whether you’re open by consulting your profile.

Before even starting a conversation, business owners can personalize the home page with a text and sticker of their choice. This is an opportunity to highlight their products and services. They can also welcome customers with a personal touch that reflects their brand.

Telegram Business also makes it easy to create quick replies. These include shortcuts for sending predefined messages including text, links, stickers, media and files. This makes it possible to instantly provide information frequently requested by customers. This could be a schedule or a menu in PDF format. By entering a « / » in the message bar, users access a panel containing all their quick responses. They are ready to be sent or modified at the click of a button.

Personalized greetings and away messages

To further automate the greeting, Pro users can set up a welcome message that will be automatically sent to new callers. This message can include key information or a simple warm greeting. They can also add answers to common questions and details about their company. They have the freedom to define a time interval after which the welcome message will be sent again to callers.

An out-of-office message can also be set up to inform users when the company is closed or on vacation. Customers will thus be informed when they can expect a response from Pro users. To avoid accidentally sending professional messages to friends or colleagues, it is possible to restrict automated messages to certain discussions or categories.

Tags for chats

With Telegram Business and Premium, users can organize their conversations by assigning colored labels to the folders in which they are stored. This simplifies the management of their contact list according to status, needs and priority. All Telegram users can create personalized folders to sort their conversations, creating separate tabs such as Work, School, News, etc.

Links to chats

To facilitate customer contact, direct links can be created. This could be a button for reserving a table or tracking an order. These links, which can be used both within Telegram and externally via a website or QR code, open a conversation with a predefined message. Each link provides statistics on its use, enabling its effectiveness to be measured.

Chatbots for Business

Business accounts can connect to Telegram bots that manage and reply to messages for them. They seamlessly integrate existing management tools and processes, and add new AI assistants to boost productivity. When configuring a bot, users can determine which conversations they will have access to. For example, they can exclude exchanges with their personal contacts and focus on new dialogues.

Do you have an online business? What do you think of this new feature? Tell us in the comments section.


Source : Telegram

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