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macOS Sonoma is now available. Here are the new features 💻

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Announced at the last WWDC 2023 conference in June, the new version of macOS, called Sonoma, is now available for download, offering a range of new features both aesthetic and practical.

MacOS features screensavers and widgets

Once you’ve upgraded your Mac to Sonoma, the first thing you’ll notice is the new slow-motion screensaver. Although reminiscent of the one offered with Windows 11, the addition of slow-motion videos gives it a charming touch. Once connected, this screensaver takes the place of your wallpaper. But the surprises don’t stop there.

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Once you’re logged in, you’ll be in for another surprise: widgets. After being introduced on iOS, widgets are coming to macOS. They follow the same principle as on the iPhone, and you’ll be able to position them anywhere on your desktop. The cherry on top is that, thanks to Continuity, you can add your iPhone widgets to your desktop without having to install the corresponding apps on your Mac. What’s more, widgets are discreet when an application or window opens, fading into the background so you can concentrate on your task. Change your wallpaper, and widget colors adapt instantly.

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Screen sharing gets better

macOS enhances the videoconferencing experience with Sonoma. The new Speaker Overlay feature lets you stay on screen even while sharing. You can choose between two sizes of overlay, large and small, allowing you to move, walk and talk in front of your content.

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This feature is accompanied by a new screen-sharing selector. You no longer need to leave an active window to share an application, or even several, during a video call. Simply hold the cursor over the window enlargement button, without pressing, to bring up the new option.

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If you’re used to using your iPhone as a camera for your Mac, you’ll appreciate the new settings. They let you adjust the frame using the zoom and pan controls, or use Recenter to automatically place yourself in the center of the image.

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Safari finally on a par with other browsers

With macOS Sonoma, Safari is finally catching up with other browsers on the market. It is now possible to create browsing profiles according to your activity, for example « Personal » and « Work ». Your histories, extensions, tab groups, cookies and favorites remain distinct, and you can easily switch from one profile to another.

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But that’s not all: Safari finally offers the possibility of using any website as an application, which is then pinned to the dock. In this way, you can quickly access your favorite applications without having to go through the browser.

However, if there’s one area in which Safari excels over other browsers, it’s security. The Private Browsing function now secures inactive windows, preventing pages from being loaded by known trackers. What’s more, it eliminates any tracking traces added to URLs during your browsing session. You can also share passwords with trusted contacts.

The Messages application aligns with the iPhone

The Messages application also benefits from new features. Search filters let you quickly find a message in a conversation by combining various criteria.

In conversations, a new arrow gives you direct access to the first message you might have missed, and as on the iPhone, you can now reply to a message by simply swiping it to the right. To share your location or request someone else’s, use the « i » button at the top right of the conversation window.

Finally, stickers are introduced, as on the iPhone. The new dedicated compartment brings together all your Live Stickers and Memoji, accessible on your iPhone, iPad and Mac thanks to iCloud synchronization.

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Which models are compatible?

To enjoy macOS Sonoma, make sure you own one of the following Macs:

  • iMac 2019 and newer
  • Mac Pro 2019 and newer
  • iMac Pro 2017
  • Mac Studio 2022 and newer
  • MacBook Air 2018 and newer
  • Mac mini 2018 and newer
  • MacBook Pro 2018 and newer

If you have one of these devices, simply go to System Settings > Software Update to download the update.

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