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Things are heating up for the iPhone 15 🥵

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Available for sale for just over a week, the new iPhones have already been hit by a major problem. Many users are reporting overheating problems. Apple has responded to the situation.

iPhones 15 seem to have trouble working properly with iOS 17🌡️

The first owners of the new iPhones 15 are experiencing a very unpleasant surprise. Their new toys have a nasty tendency to heat up quickly, even during normal use. As testimonials flooded the web, initial hypotheses pointed to a possible hardware design flaw. Could it be linked to the new USB-C port? Or the new chips?

Following an internal investigation, Apple has officially responded to Forbes, simply ruling out the hypothesis of a design problem.

« We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected. The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device because of increased background activity. […]

We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update. Another issue involves some recent updates to third-party apps that are causing them to overload the system. We’re working with these app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out. »

In short, iOS 17 and certain applications are to blame. Bloomberg reports that an anonymous Apple spokesperson cited Instagram, Uber and the game Asphalt 9. Fixes for these overheating bugs should arrive with iOS 17.1, along with updates for these apps. In the meantime, you’ll have to be careful with your smartphone.

BMW and iPhone 15 don’t seem to be a good match🚩

If overheating problems weren’t enough, a new problem has been added to the list of worries surrounding the iPhones 15 and 15 Pro. Indeed, some owners are reporting problems with the NFC chip on these iPhones, after recharging them via the wireless charging pad installed in the car. As a reminder, the NFC chip is the one that enables the iPhone to make payments via Apple Pay, or to use the iPhone as a car key.

As reported by MacRumors, affected users shared on Twitter and the specialist forum that, after several charges made via their BMW’s wireless charging pad, their iPhone triggered data recovery mode, displaying a blank screen before restarting. After the restart, they got a nasty surprise in the Cards app: « Could Not Set Up Apple Pay ». As the problem is not software-related, these iPhones have simply been replaced by Apple. Pending confirmation of the fault, it is therefore prudent to avoid using the wireless charging pad in a BMW with an iPhone 15.

Do you own an iPhone 15? If so, have you experienced any overheating problems?

Sources : Forbes, Bloomberg, MacRumors

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