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New features make YouTube even easier to use 📺

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Despite the rise of platforms such as TikTok, YouTube remains one of the most visited sites in the world. The Google-owned video streaming platform continues to enhance its user experience with practical new features.

Better controls during playback ⏯️

Increasing the playback speed of a video is a good way of quickly reaching a specific moment you want to watch. YouTube makes this easy with a new gesture. To speed up the playback of a video in full-screen or portrait mode, simply press and hold anywhere on the player. The speed is automatically doubled. Release when you reach the part you’re interested in! This function is accessible on the web, tablets and mobiles.

Increasing the playback speed // © YouTube

Another way to navigate quickly through a video is to use the progress bar. By holding and dragging the slider below the video, a preview thumbnail appears, allowing you to find your way around the video. With its latest update, YouTube has enlarged this thumbnail to make searching easier. To go back during a search, slide your finger to the starting point and lift it when you feel a vibration. YouTube will take you back to the exact point in the video where you left off.

New thumbnails when scrolling through video // © YouTube


Have you ever been bothered by an involuntary tap on your video on your phone? With the latest update, this will no longer be a problem. In fact, YouTube now offers screen locking on mobiles and tablets. This means you can lock your screen and avoid unwanted disturbances.

Verrouillage de la vidéo // © YouTube


Finally, YouTube will improve sound on mobile devices with the new « stable volume » feature. It will be activated automatically to smooth out volume variations in a video, offering greater viewing and listening comfort.

Volume stable // © YouTube

New animations under videos ✨

From now on, when the creators prompt you to « like » or « subscribe », you’ll see these buttons light up at the same time as the video. And when you click that button, you’ll be treated to a little shower of fun stars. In addition, the most relevant comments will automatically scroll to show you the community’s best opinions. Finally, for recent videos, YouTube has added a new animation updating the number of live views and likes for the first 24 hours.

Nouvelles animations // © YouTube

Search by humming and new « You » tab 🎤

With its new update, YouTube aims to compete with Shazam. You’ll be able to find a song by playing it, singing it or humming it. This feature, which uses artificial intelligence to compare the sound to the original track, will be available in the coming weeks. Initially, it will only be available for Android devices.

Recherche musique sur YouTube // © YouTube

Finally, YouTube has made changes to one of the tabs on its home page. The Library tab and the account page have been combined into a new screen called the « You » tab. Here you’ll find your previously viewed videos, playlists, downloads and purchases. Account settings and channel data will also be available. Available from today, the « You » tab replaces the « Library » tab on web, mobile and tablet devices.

Nouvel Onglet « Vous » // © YouTube

What do you think of these new YouTube features? Do you plan to use them? Tell us in the comments.

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