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Google Drive unveils a new, more practical home page 🗃️

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If you’ve recently logged in to Google Drive, you’ve probably noticed some changes. Well, this is the new home page for Google’s cloud service.

Find your files more easily and quickly 🔍

Tested several months ago, the roll-out of the new Google Drive interface has now been initiated for all users of the platform.

A new streamlined homepage for Drive called Home makes it easier and faster for you to find files that matter most.

With this new homepage, Google hopes to improve user productivity within its platform. To achieve this, Google has made three main changes:

  • A new, more modern design: similar to the one used on our mobile applications, it allows you to navigate Drive more efficiently.
  • Personalized file and folder suggestions: Generated by machine-learning algorithms, these suggestions take into account various signals. These include files or folders you have recently opened, shared or modified. Documents associated with upcoming calendar events are also taken into account.
  • Filter chips: You can refine your search by using filters to find relevant files in Drive more quickly. You can sort suggested files by type, person, date modified or location.

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Have you already tested this new interface? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Source : Google

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