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YouTube will show fewer ads on connected TVs, but they will be longer 📣

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Have you noticed that YouTube ads on TV are longer? Well, it’s not just an impression – quite the contrary.

Longer but less frequent commercial breaks 📣

Over the years, YouTube users’ viewing habits have evolved. The platform is increasingly used on TV sets, mainly for long-form content. According to YouTube, 79% of viewers prefer video ads to be grouped together rather than scattered throughout the video.

In response to this preference, YouTube has decided to reduce the number of commercial breaks while lengthening their duration. This change, reminiscent of the traditional television model, is designed to deliver a smoother viewing experience on large screens. Alongside this new approach, YouTube is also making aesthetic changes. Instead of seeing the number of commercials played, you’ll be informed of the total time remaining during the commercial break. Of course, you’ll still have the option of going straight to the content after a certain amount of time.

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Advertising is coming to shorts too ⚡

After bringing Shorts, YouTube’s short video format, to TV sets, the platform is now preparing to monetize them. As a result, ads will be integrated between two short videos. With a simple click on the remote control, you’ll be able to skip the ad.

Have you noticed these changes? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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