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Apple introduces three new Windows applications to replace iTunes 🤩

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iTunes is one of Apple’s oldest applications. On Windows, it is indispensable for using your iPhone. However, its days are now counted.

Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Devices come to Windows

Apple has just launched three new applications on Windows 10 and Windows 11: Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Devices. The first two are no strangers to the public. Apple TV provides access to Apple VOD, including movies and series purchased from iTunes, as well as Apple TV+. As for Apple Music, in addition to the streaming service, it provides access to the music library previously held on iTunes.

The real surprise is Apple Devices. As its name suggests, this application lets you manage your Apple devices. With it, you can manually update, backup, restore and manage your iPhone or iPad. You can also manually synchronize the contents of your PC.

With the introduction of these new applications, it’s clear that iTunes will have to bow out. On the support page for these three applications, Apple states that it is no longer necessary to use iTunes once they have been installed.

But iTunes isn’t going away just yet. Podcasts and audiobooks will remain accessible via iTunes. We imagine that dedicated applications to support them will soon appear. What’s more, iTunes will remain available to Windows users with versions prior to Windows 10.

These applications are available from the Microsoft Store on Windows. Here are the links to download them:

What do you think of Apple’s new strategy? Do you still use iTunes? Tell us in the comments.

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