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Android’s « Find My Device » network is now a reality 📍

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The information was leaked a few weeks ago. Android’s Find My Device Network is now official, and deployment has begun.

What is it and how does it work ? 🤔

Google has launched its Find My Device network, a service equivalent to Apple’s « Find My » for Android devices. This network leverages a billion Android devices to help you find your lost devices. When a device is reported lost, other nearby Android devices can detect the lost device’s Bluetooth signal. They can then anonymously send its location to Google to help locate the device.

« Find My Device » has some interesting features that make it easier to find a lost device:

  • Find your device remotely : Ring your device or display its location on a map.
  • Find nearby : Use a precise Bluetooth signal to locate your lost device as you approach it.
  • Google Nest integration : Receive notifications when your lost device is near your Google Nest devices.
  • Location sharing : Share your device’s location with friends and family to help you find it.

More than just a smartphone service 🎧

« Find My Device » goes beyond smartphones. You can use it to track a wide range of objects, including headphones, keys and much more, all from a single app.

From May, the network will support Bluetooth trackers. This will make it easier to find everyday objects. Chipolo and Pebblebee are the first partners to offer compatible trackers, followed by eufy, Jio, Motorola and others later in the year. In addition, certain JBL, Sony and other audio brands will receive software updates to integrate them into the network.

Safety comes first 🔐

Google has designed the « Find My Device » network with multi-layered protections and strict privacy controls. Location data is encrypted from end to end. Device owners also have full control over the sharing of their location. The network does not allow Google to identify location-assisted Android devices. Nor do users receive any information about these devices.

Additional security features have also been introduced :

  • Unknown beacon alerts : Receive notification if your phone detects an unknown Bluetooth beacon nearby.
  • Aggregated location reports : Multiple devices must detect a beacon before its location is reported, offering protection against precise tracking.
  • Home exclusion : If you have registered your home address in your Google account, your Android device will not provide location reports when in the vicinity of your home.
  • Location and update restrictions : Restrictions are in place to limit the number of location reports and the frequency of update requests.

Compatible devices and availability 📱

The « Locate » network works on Android 9 or later devices. Aggregated location reports are enabled by default, but you can change your privacy settings. Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users are entitled to an exclusive feature. They can locate their devices even when they are switched off or have run out of battery. Google is currently working with other manufacturers to offer this feature on their devices.

« Find My Device » is currently deployed in the USA and Canada, with expansion to other regions planned shortly. You can now download Find My Device application by clicking here.

Have you ever lost a phone or accessory? What do you think of this new feature? Tell us in the comments section.

Source :  Google

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