Android 15 beta 2: A focus on privacy, inclusivity and redesigned navigation 📱

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Google has just rolled out the second beta version of Android 15, bringing its share of interesting new features. This intermediate update focuses in particular on strengthening privacy, improving inclusivity and a redesigned browsing experience. Here’s an overview of the main new features.

A New Private Space 🔐

One of the key new features of Android 15 beta 2 is the introduction of a « Private Space ». This space, isolated from the operating system, requires additional authentication, such as a fingerprint, for access. It allows you to store applications, sensitive files or any other content you wish to keep confidential. Notifications from these applications are also isolated, guaranteeing even greater confidentiality. This feature is particularly useful for those who lend out their smartphone or fear theft. It also makes it possible to hide applications such as banking or health applications. Users of Samsung, Honor and Xiaomi smartphones already benefit from a similar feature.

Richer notification vibrations 📳

With Android 15, developers can now create distinct vibrations for different alerts. This will enable users to better identify different alerts.

Pixel devices have a feature that goes even further: « adaptive vibration ». It automatically adjusts the intensity of vibrations according to the environment, making the phone more audible on soft surfaces like a sofa and less so on hard surfaces. This feature is accessible in the « Sound and Vibration » settings of smartphones including the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro, and does not record any data.

Privacy and Security Enhancements 🔐

To strengthen security against malicious attacks, Android 15 now hides notifications containing one-time passwords, with certain exceptions such as connected wearables apps. These notifications are also hidden during screen sharing. In addition, a new option locks the smartphone after a sudden movement, adding protection against theft. Android 15 also blocks certain background attacks and facilitates access to photos by allowing only recent snapshots to be authorized, enhancing the user experience.

Simplified gesture navigation ✨

Android 15 introduces « predictive feedback », a feature that offers more intuitive navigation by displaying a preview of the screen to which a gesture will take you. This animation makes gesture navigation clearer and reduces unexpected results, enhancing the user experience.

Optimization for tablets 🚀

With the launch of the Pixel Tablet in June 2023, Google continues to enhance the tablet experience with Android 15. A new feature saves split-screen app duos as shortcuts on the home screen, making multitasking easier and tablet use more fluid and intuitive.

Release date and compatibility📅

The rollout of Android 15 follows a well-defined schedule, with key milestones leading up to its final release:

  • February and March: Launch of the first two Developer Previews, designed for developers to test new features and identify bugs.
  • April to July: Four beta phases, open to a wider public, enable us to fine-tune the user experience and correct any problems encountered. We are currently in beta 2.
  • October 2024 (forecast): Official release of Android 15, which should coincide with the presentation of the Google Pixel 9.

While Google Pixels are always the first to receive new versions of Android, other manufacturers are starting to offer betas for their devices.

However, it’s important to note that beta versions are not recommended for everyday use. In fact, they may contain bugs and instabilities that could affect the smooth operation of your smartphone.

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